Advance the Story with Correct Image Placement

Sue BerginSue Bergin

When presenting reports to clients, you probably spend a good deal of time making sure that you have the charts and graphs that best tell the story. Another factor that influences clients’ reactions to images is placement.

Proper image placement has the “before” image displayed on the left and the “after” on the right.

This advice comes from a recent study out of the University of British Columbia.  The researchers suggest that language direction dictates the way in which we conceptualize time.[1]

1.17.13_Bergin_Image_PlacementTo validate their hypothesis, researchers sought feedback on weight-loss ads with “before” and “after” photos placed in different locations.  The participants viewed the ads with “before” on the right more favorably (4.64 out of 7), than when the image appeared on the left (3.39).

While placing “before” images on the right will resonate best with English speaking clients, you’ll want to switch the image order for those clients who speak Hebrew or other right-to-left languages.

[1]The Future Looks “Right:” Effects of the Horizontal Location of Advertising Images on Product Attitude, January, 2013