Giving Thanks to Top Clients & Referral Alliances

Matt Oechsli, President, The Oechsli Institute

Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family, but for forward-thinking advisors, it’s also a time to show top clients and referral alliances just how much they’re appreciated. Show gratitude by giving Thanksgiving-themed gifts such as organic turkeys, honey-baked hams, fruit baskets, desserts, and flowers. Get your team on board to assist you & strengthen your top professional relationships.  To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Segment:   Divide your top clients and referral alliance partners into 2 groups; those that will have gifts delivered from you and your team & those that will have gifts delivered via FedEx.
  2. Review Client Intel:   Personalize your gift by reviewing intel you’ve gathered about each recipient.   (You’ll recall that Mr. Smith loves gourmet cheesecakes from the local baker.)
  3. Organize & Delegate:  Determine which team member will order gifts, who will personally deliver gifts to specific clients & referral alliances, who will manage FedEx deliveries for out of town clients, and when the entire process will be carried out.
  4. Execute:  The senior advisor will visit their top tier of clients, the junior advisor will make their delivery to top referral alliances they want to get to know better, and the remaining clients will receive a special delivery from their favorite assistant.  Ensure both spouses are home at the time of delivery, and extra holiday cheer is extended to the spouse that is less involved in the family’s finances.

Your clients and referral alliances will speak highly of you to their close friends and family, and you’ll see increased client loyalty for months and years to come. There is no question that this will all pay off!

See how an elite team executed this here

Matt Oechsli is the author of The Art of Selling to the Affluent. His firm, The Oechsli Institute, does ongoing speaking and training for nearly every major firm in the US. @mattoechsli,

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