Post-Sandy Gratitude

Noreen Beaman, Brinker Capital

Whenever disaster strikes close to home, it gives you a moment to pause. As I continue to watch the horrific images of Hurricane Sandy on the television, my heart goes out to all those who are suffering.

I have been able to connect personally with many of my friends, family and colleagues. I offer a listening ear and a helping hand, and wish I could solve the multitude of problems they face.

My thoughts inevitably turn inward. I felt grateful for the little conveniences that make my life easy, and all the people who work hard to keep my family safe.

It is in the spirit of gratefulness that I walked through the doors at Brinker Capital on Wednesday morning. Like the NYSE and thousands of our advisors, our offices were closed for two days.

Even knowing the all-hands-on-deck effort we put in to implement our business continuity plans, I was prepared for a crush of activity when we re-opened shop.

My hunch was right. We did face record-breaking activity, but I am proud to say, we took it in stride. We knew what we had to do to help our clients through these difficult times.

I knew that our employees would give 100% because it is who they are. It is who we are. We were fortunate to have all the tools at our disposal so we could go the extra mile to help those who weren’t as lucky.

What I would discover this week is that the feeling of gratitude that washed over me wasn’t unique. Advisors across the country were having a similar emotional experience. I heard it in their voices when we spoke, and I received countless e-mails from those who wanted to check in.

Here is an excerpt from one the many e-mails that greeted me when I logged in on Wednesday morning:

“I want to tell you how much I appreciate (Brinker associates). They are a pleasure to work with and I couldn’t ask for better people to have on my side. They both do so much for me and always go the extra mile to make sure I have everything I need and all is taken care of. In doing this, they help me to give great customer service to our clients, which is VERY important to (my firm).

This and the many other messages I received made me proud of the special connection we have with those we both serve and who serve us. The honor and privilege is all too often left unsaid.

Thank you for allowing us to play our small part in the nation’s recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

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