Increase Sex Appeal: Add Data Scientist Elements to Capabilities

Sue BerginSue Bergin

Recently the Harvard Business Law Review declared data scientist the sexiest job of the 21st Century.

The profession is described as part analyst, part artist; part digital trendspotter and part storyteller weaving various pieces of information together. Its meteoric rise in popularity is due to the sheer amount of data that exists in the world today.  Companies employ scientists just to make sense out of it all.  Today alone there are 836 data scientist jobs posted on

While data scientist might be newly minted as a sexy profession, the art of culling through data to identify creative strategies is nothing new.   It is, after all, the skill that makes advisors successful in helping clients achieve their life goals.

Data is the hottest commodity in the business world, and it is also a critical component of our client relationships.

Market your ability to take over the management of the mountain of data associated with your client’s financial world.  Tell the world how your firm can stitch together the various pieces of their financial puzzle.  Admittedly, you probably can’t hold yourself out as a data scientist, but you do know how to analyze numbers, spot trends, uncover hidden insights and identify investment and tax savings opportunities.

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