The Seven Deadly Mobile Phone Sins

Sue BerginSue Bergin

Prospects have always looked to attire, office location, furnishings, and framed degrees to get a sense of an advisor’s expertise. While those things are still influential in shaping perception, they are often trumped by the role technology plays in making an impression.

Technology can make you look smart. It gives you access to more information and helps you deliver better service. You can perform research in minutes that used to take you days. You have access to answers and can get those answers to clients quickly. Technology makes you appear progressive. You may have insights into the next cool trend that the client or prospect is eager to learn about.

Turn Off Your PhoneOn the other hand, technology can tarnish your image. Commit the seven deadly mobile phone sins, and you may leave clients with the wrong impression of you.

The Seven Deadly Mobile Phone Sins:

  1. Taking a call or returning a text or e-mail during a meeting with a client or prospect.
  2. Checking your cell for anything other than an update on the client’s portfolio.
  3. Making your digital device the star of your pitch.
  4. Leaving your headset in your ear during any client interaction. It’s distracting.
  5. Taking your device with you during a meeting break. It implies that your return will be delayed because you are too busying doing making a call, returning an e-mail, Tweeting, checking a sports score, or any of the other gazillion things you can do on your phone.
  6. Blaming technology as the reason you failed to respond to an inquiry. Clients buy the “my system crashed” excuse as often as a teacher buys “the dog ate my homework” excuse. Even if it’s true, they just won’t buy it.
  7. Forgetting to shut off or mute your device. There is little more distracting during a meeting than a constantly ringing or vibrating phone.

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