A Novel Approach to Creating a Sense of Urgency By Sue Bergin

Creating a sense of urgency within clients is a skill that all financial advisors must develop.  Clients may know that a financial product or strategy is in their best interest, yet they still don’t act upon it.

There are a few fall-back strategies you can use to get them to move off the dime.  Fear and badgering are among the most common.

Or, you could take a cue from an Argentine book publisher.  In an effort to promote new authors and create a sense of urgency actually to read books and not just place them on shelves, they created “The Book that Can’t Wait.”

They used disappearing ink.

Within two months of opening, the book goes blank.

The text actually vanishes.  Forever.  If you didn’t get to the ending in two months, you’ll have to borrow a quick-reading friend’s copy or buy another.

The publisher found a way to urge readers by establishing a deadline and applying negative consequences.  They also accomplished their goal of boosting sales of first time authors, which provides an incentive for those writers to continue with their craft.

Most interestingly, they broke the mold.

In the era where ebook sales dominate hardcovers the publisher sold out of its disappearing ink print run novels in its first day.


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