New Meaning to “Accessible At Any Time, From Anywhere”

Mobile technology has made it possible for clients to reach their advisors at any time, from anywhere.

And, that is exactly what is happening.

Clients expect immediate answers, and will check their phone at all hours, and in the most unlikely of places, until they receive a response.

According to security app Lookout’s recent Mobile Mindset Study, 58% of smartphone owners check their device at least once an hour. 24% of respondents admit to checking while driving. A whopping 54% of people surveyed check “while lying in bed”—in the middle of the night, before going to bed, or upon wakening. 40% of those surveyed even admitted to checking their phones while using the bathroom.

The bathroom mobile checker stat is debatable. Other studies show a much higher percentage. The integrated marketing agency 11mark released it’s IT in the Toilet report indicating that three-fourths of Americans with mobile phones either text, e-mail, surf the net, or talk on the phone while in the bathroom. 30% of the men interviewed said they did not go to the bathroom without their phone. The number of women who take their phones to the bathroom is slightly lower at 20%.

These statistics confirm what we already know. As a society, we are becoming increasingly dependent upon our smart phones. This dependency is redefining our notions of privacy, socially acceptable behavior and etiquette. Even more important to consider is how this trend impacts client expectations as to acceptable response times from their advisors.

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