In Search of Someone

Stan Warchol, Brinker Capital 

As the director of Brinker Capital’s client services department, I made it my personal mission to smoke someone out.

“Someone” is that elusive figure that makes mistakes. It’s that anonymous person that gives clients inaccurate, incomplete and sometimes out-and-out false information.

Here is how “someone” invades an organization.

A client at the other end of the phone says he spoke to “someone” and was told that he didn’t need to submit one of the required forms. “Someone” assured another advisor that her request could be processed immediately, when in fact her forms weren’t in good order. “Someone” confirmed for a different client that “it” was done yesterday, when in fact “it” hadn’t been done at all.

No matter how good an organization, “someone” can bring it to its knees.

The only way to make sure “someone” doesn’t invade your firm is to demand accountability from everyone. No matter how brief the interaction, anyone who talks to clients should document the call. They should give their name and contact information so the person knows whom to call with future inquiries. No one should have the luxury of anonymity, particularly when their role is to answer clients’ questions and help you succeed.

With an easily accessible record of all of clients’ interactions, “someone” will be forced to find shelter in the firm down the street.

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