Five Baby Steps Lay Foundation for Digital Marketing

A social media presence is rapidly becoming a must-have for advisors.  While you may not have the time, resources, or regulatory support to fully embrace a social media strategy, don’t squander the time you have today.

Take these five baby steps to lay the foundation for a more comprehensive and strategic digital marketing effort in the future:

1.        Take notice.  Think about your personal experiences with digital marketing. What do you click on and what goes straight to trash?  Which links get opened?  Why did you open it over the other 50 messages?  Was it the allure of a clever headline?  Did the topic involve a personal or professional connection, or an issue that impacts your community or family?  When you learn to detect hooks, it is easier to devise them.

2.        Check out the competition.  Many advisors have found ways to engage in social marketing and, in doing so, build their practices.  See first hand what they are talking about.  Note the frequency and depth of their messages.  Figure out what works for them and why.

3.        Pay attention to profiles. Make sure your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles are consistent and detailed enough to make a positive impression on readers.  Post your picture, upload your logo, and make sure your website link works.  LinkedIn company statistics indicate that people are seven times more likely to click on a profile if it includes a picture.

4.        Interact.  Post comments on others blogs.  Respond in writing to articles.  Present your perspective. “Like,” or retweet articles that reflect your views on financial or economic issues.

5.        Shore up your website.  All social media marketing roads lead back to your website.  If your future blogs, tweets, and FaceBook posts do their jobs, readers will be drawn to your website to validate your credentials and get to know you better.  Make sure it is current and represents you well.

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