How to Download and use Brinker Capital’s Absolute Return Mixer App

Clients have a lot of questions about absolute investment return strategies. They want to know how they work, what they can expect in terms of returns, and whether they have to give up any performance during market upswings.  Once the client gets his or her arms around the concept, a predictable inquiry emerges.  How much?

The client naturally wants to know the appropriate percentage of his or her portfolio that should be allocated to absolute return strategies.

Advisors can now answer those questions in just four easy steps.

1. Download Brinker’s Absolute Return Mixer app.  It’s available at Apple’s App Store, Android Market and  It’s free.

2. Describe the characteristics of absolute investment return strategies to the client.  The initial screens of the app include an educational overview.

3. Answer seven basic risk tolerance, future purchasing power and investment time horizon questions.

4.  Make recommendations.  The app immediately calculates a recommended percentage breakdown between absolute and relative return investment strategies.

This first-of-its-kind app appeals to clients need for quick answers and transparency in their financial decisions.  It is an interactive and engaging.  Clients can sit next you and see how their answers impact the allocation determination.

The Absolute Return Mixer is available to all advisors.  Brinker Capital affiliated advisors can receive the recommendations in PDF format for immediate transmission to clients.

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