Brinker Capital Launches Investment Industry’s First Asset Allocation App; Available In Apple’s App Store, Android Market

Absolute Return Mixer Developed in Response to Financial Advisors’ Question: “How Much Do I Allocate to Relative vs. Absolute Return?”

Berwyn, Pa. – April 2, 2012 – Brinker Capital, a leading investment management firm, today announced the launch of its Absolute Return Mixer, a relative return vs. absolute return asset allocation app. The Absolute Return Mixer is available for free download in Apple’s App Store, the Android Market and on
Brinker Capital’s website.

We believe this is the first app designed specifically to help educate financial advisors navigate the complexities of determining just how much of each client’s portfolio should be allocated to absolute return investments.

“From the time financial advisors began accessing absolute return investments in a more overt manner, we’ve heard talk about their difficulties in obtaining a standardized method of calculating the appropriate ratio of relative return vs. absolute return for each of their client’s portfolios,” said John E. Coyne, III, President at Brinker Capital. “To the best of our knowledge, our app is the first to provide advisors with a solution to this problem, accomplishing it both with intellectual rigor and ease of use.”

When downloaded either to an iPad or Android‐based tablet, advisors are requested to answer only eight questions based on their client’s investing time horizon, risk tolerance, and future purchasing power. Once completed, the recommended breakdown between absolute return and relative return appears instantly on the user’s tablet device or computer.

A Walk through the Absolute Return Mixer

Upon accessing the app, users will see a welcome page with an imbedded diagram of the Absolute Return Mixer and explanations of the general characteristics of absolute and relative return investments. Users will then be prompted to answer an additional seven questions, all of which have pre-populated answers. Question categories include:

  • Risk tolerance (three questions)
  • Future purchasing power (two questions)
  • Time horizon (two questions)

As each answer is provided, a tri-colored dial to the left of the questions will spin, settling on the appropriate allocation elicited by the user’s responses. A bar at the bottom of the screen will move left (absolute return) and right (relative return) to indicate the proposed allocation scale. Users can also click on the dial to fine‐tune its position, resulting in an even more precise ratio.

The output is the investor’s proposed allocation to absolute return vs. relative return. This recommendation is presented as a percentage range for each strategy.

Results cannot be saved or printed unless you’re a Brinker Capital advisor, who’ll be able to receive a PDF of the recommendation and/or email it to themselves or a client directly from an iPad or Android tablet. Non‐Brinker Capital advisors can complete an approval process to request a PDF of the results.

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