Your Next Client is Closer than You Think

You’ve probably heard of the Six Degrees of Separation theory.  You may have even tested it by picking a random celebrity and tracing how many degrees of separation he or she was from Kevin Bacon.

For those unfamiliar, the Six Degrees of Separation theory suggests that everyone is, on average, six steps away by introduction from any other person.

The Six Degrees of Separation theory may be a fun parlor game, but it hasn’t been all too helpful in business.  After all, a client acquisition strategy built on introductions from friends-of-friends five times over will fail miserably.

But, what if the chain between you and your ideal prospect included only three or four people?

That’s our new reality.

According to Facebook’s analytics, we are much more closely connected than contemplated when the Six Degrees of Separation theory came about in 1929.

In November of 2011, when the Facebook universe was a mere 721 million members strong, the social networking behemoth calculated the average degree of separation between “friends” at 3.74.

The path to the prospect you’ve been after might be closer than you think, particularly if you adopt social media as your client acquisition partner.

While the debate over what advisors can and can’t say on social media networks rages on, know this:  you don’t have to say a word.  You can unleash the power of social networks without a single post, like, blog or tweet.  Tools like Facebook and LinkedIn can help you build your network.  They can also give you insights into prospects’ backgrounds.  Most importantly, they can serve as referral feeders.

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