Six Things You Can Count on in Retirement

Known Truths Point to a Retirement Income Solution

Uncertainty can be a formidable barrier to retirement planning.  Longevity, medical expenses, and taxes are just some of the giant question marks that some people cannot see past when planning for retirement. However, for all of its ambiguity, the future cannot be escaped.

The best way to push doubt from your mind so you can effectively plan for the future is to focus on facts.

Six Retirement Certainties:

  1. You’ll need cash.
  2. How much you spend impacts how long your savings will last.
  3. Money not earmarked for spending should be invested … wisely.
  4. Replenishing cash reserves is a routine process involving a complex analysis.
  5. You fare better when you know where you stand.  Traditional investment performance reports don’t give you enough information.  You need regular updates on spending too.
  6. Markets are volatile.  Reminders of the portions of your portfolio that provide guaranteed income could calm market-dip-jitters.

When your income solution addresses each of these known facts, you gain control over the retirement journey.  You can stop worrying about whether you will outlast your savings, and start enjoying yourself.

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