The Fall 2011 Brinker Barometer

The Fall 2011 Brinker Barometer was conducted online by Brinker Capital in October 2011 to gauge financial advisor confidence and sentiment regarding the economy, retirement savings, investing, and market performance. Brinker asked respondents to reflect on key issues related to the financial landscape we may see in 2011, as well as their opinions on the upcoming race for the White House.

When asked if their clients were financially better off today than in the 2008-9 periods, 64% of advisors said “yes,” yet only 32% of respondents believe that the financial markets will perform better in President Obama’s last year of office than in the previous three.

There was overwhelming consensus on the Obama Administration’s greatest accomplishment: Over 80% of advisors picked the killing of Osama bin Laden and other top Al-Qaeda operatives, followed the economic stimulus package and healthcare reform, each garnering just seven percent of advisor picks for the top accomplishment. Conversely, when asked for the Administration’ greatest disappointment, 46% of advisors noted lack of job creation, followed by inability to reduce the deficit (33%) and compromise with Congress (12%).

Turning to the 2012 presidential election, fully 56% of financial advisors said that a second term for Obama was their biggest fear, followed by continued gridlock in the next administration (32%) and a growing Tea Party influence (7%). Eighty percent of respondents said that a candidate’s religion should not be a significant factor in judging their qualification for the presidency.

When asked which candidate is most qualified to lead the US in recovery and growth, 32% of advisors picked Mitt Romney and 22% selected Herman Cain. Barack Obama rounded out the top three picks with 16%.

John Coyne’s 11/18 appearance on Fox Business News discussing the Brinker Barometer is now available on our website:

The Fall 2011 Brinker Barometer had 427 Respondents
All information was compiled by Brinker Capital based on the responses received in the
Fall 2011 Brinker Barometer. This is for information purposes only.

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